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  About Orchha Sightseeing

Raj Mahal
This Mahal is situated to the right of the quadrangle; the palace was built in the 17th century by Madhukar Shah, the deeply religious predecessor of Bir Singh Ju Deo. The plain exteriors, crowned by chhatris, give way to interiors with exquisite murals, boldly colourful on a variety of religious themes. The Mahal includes lavish accommodations that are marked by elevated balconies. The various floors are interconnected by paths rise that are proportional tiers on all four sides. The entire structure is marked by towers and domed pavilions. The interiors are beautifully done up with fragmented mirrors and paintings on both ceilings and walls. Some of them are still in good condition. Your tour to Orchha is incomplete without a visit to the Raj Mahal.

Jehangir Mahal
One of the brightest examples of the Bundela architectural style, the Jehangir Mahal is a must visit destination in Orchha. Jehangir Mahal is a five storied palace built in accordance to the Hamam Saras of Agra. The majestic Jehangir Mahal in Orchha has eight wonderful pavilions. With its intricate carvings, decorations, paintings and historical relevance, theJehangir Mahal has emerged as one of the most important travel attractions in Orchha. The Jehangir Mahal of Orchha was built by King Vir Singh of Orchha during the 17th century. As the name suggest it was dedicated to the Mughal emperorJehangir. According to historians, Vir Singh and Salim or Jehangir were great friends. When Salim was disinherited from his father's throne, he revolted against Akbar. Abul Fazl was sent by Akbar to quell the rebel Salim. Vir Singh stood by Salim in this battle and eventually defeated and killed Abul Fazl.

Rai Praveen Mahal
An abode of love, Rai Praveen Mahal is the beautiful palace built for the Poetess and musician, Rai Parveen who was the lover of Raja Indramani. A two storied brick structure, positioned in the midst of a landscaped garden, Rai Praveen Mahal is so designed that it should suit to its magnificient surroundings. The natural flow of light is surged through the superbly carved niches.

Laxmi Narayan Temple
Laxmi Narayan Temple in Orchha exhibits a unique style of architecture, which is a beautiful mix of a fort and a temple moulds. The walls of this charming shrine are elaborately decorated with fabulous mural paintings, which show pulsating compositions from mythological themes. This temple also houses the very famous post mutiny paintings. There is a flagstone path that connects Laxmi Narayan Temple with Ram Raja Temple. Another important structure of this delightful shrine is the flagstone path that connects this temple with the Ram Raja Temple. The temple along with its exquisite paintings presents an enthralling feeling and is a worthy to watch spectacle.

was built by Raja Madhukar at the insistence of his wife, Maharani Ganesh Kunwar during the years of 1558 and 1573. Chaturbhuj Temple of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh bears relics to the rich religious history and architectural legacy of the bygone era. According to a mythological legend, Maharani Ganesh Kunwar had erected the Chaturbhuj Temple for Lord Rama. However Lord Rama did not want to depart from his divine abode of Ayodhya. Maharani Ganesh Kunwar stuck to her decision and accordingly made a statue of Lord Rama who again expressed his displeasure of being shifted from Ayodhya. At this Raja Madhukar intervened and built a statue of Lord Vishnu who has four arms.

Phool Bagh
Phool Bagh of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful garden of the royal rulers of the Bundelkhand dynasty that reflects their rich aesthetic sense and natural splendor of the place during the ancient times. Surrounded by colorful and attractive flower beds, Phool Bagh was the summer palace of the imperial rulers of Orchha during the traditional times. The Phool Bagh represents the rich architectural legacy and artistic sense of the rulers of Orchha. The beautiful edifice was constructed as a mark of respect to the great religious soul of Dinman Hardaul who sacrificed his life for his elder brother Jhujhar. Jhujhar had suspected Dinman Hardaul's alleged relation with his friend and companion. To show his deep love and respect for his elder brother, Dinman happily laid down his life.

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