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  About Khajuraho Sightseeing

Adinath Temple
A temple, built in 11th century with beautiful sculptures is Adinath Temple, an important temple of Jain group. The sanctum, the walls with the carved figures of the court musicians and vestibule of this old temple have survived the times. Although, it has not been restored, the former glory is maintained. The temple is built in the shape of 'sapta-ratha' and the single tower 'shikhara' gives the temple a graceful look. The modern entrance of the chamber is made of beautiful lime plastered masonry with arched door ways that have replaced its entrance porch and 'mandapa'

Ajaigarh Fort
Ajaigarh Fort is near the historical town of Khajuraho, it was built by the Chandela kings. As the fort was built when their power was declining, the fort was meant to protect the people from the enemies. With a height of 1,111meters altitude, it has the projection of Vindhyas and the forts' hilltop gives a beautiful view of the rive Ken.

Beejamandal temple
The known belief is that Beejamandal temple, located at Vidishathe, was below a stack of earth and marked by white stone on the top. Since, then villagers have lit the oil lamp regularly on the mound every night. The temple has statues of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and the carvings of the human forms in numerous postures. The carvings and sculptures have some influence of South East Asian or Indonesian on them.

Beni Sagar Dam
The Beni Sagar Dam, with the green shades and a spread area of 7.7 sq kilometer is built across the river Khudar located in Khajuraho city. It is known to be a place for relaxing and a safe one for swimming and boating also.

Kalinjar Fort
The other fort, Kalinjar Fort is located on the holy hilltop, housing marvelous sculptures and classic monuments which replicate the Chandela dynasty. The chhatris, palaces, temples and other structural styles are built according to the Hindu architecture.

Jain Museum
Jain Museum is a circular structure, was inaugurated in 1987 and is situated inside the Jain Temple. It has a gallery circular in shape, filled with hundreds of Jain sculptures, 24 statues of Tirthankara, with yakshis sculptures and holy Jain figures. When you enter, you can see two ornamented Makara Toranas are kept on the sides of the museum steps. Except on Sundays, it can be visited on any day from 8 am to 5 pm.

Shanthinath temple
A famous Jainism temple, devoted to Adinath, the Jain saint is the Shanthinath Temple, one among the Eastern temple group in Khajuraho. The marvelous shrine has a four and half meter tall statue in a standing position. This shrine is a significant pilgrim center for Jain devotees, which beckons the pilgrims to this temple throughout the year.

Devi Jagdambi Temple
A small temple with intensively carved figures at Khajuraho is the Devi Jagdambi Temple. It displays the idol of Goddess Parvati, along with the idol of Mithuna. A belief that the temple at first started as a Lord Vishnu temple as is seen from the carved images of the deity Vishnu. The shrine's Garbha Griha has a large image of the Universe Goddess. Around this temple, there are three bands of carvings and sculptures of mesmerizing beauty, especially the topmost one which makes the temple among the finest ones of Khajuraho city.

Dulhadev temple
Dulhadev Temple is situated on the Khudar stream's bank was constructed in 1130 AD; it is the last among the southern temple group in Khajuraho. The shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva, is a lovely specimen of Chandela architecture and art. The idol of Parvati and Lord Shiva are well decorated with striking carved jewelry. This temple is a small shrine having five chambers, with an enclosed hall and the ceilings are covered with the apsaras sculptures and many ornamented sculptures.

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art
The ancient Indian civilizations evolved when they came in contact with the foreign cultures through invasions and trade are depicted in the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art, located inside Chandela Cultural Complex. A fine collection of artifacts of the folk and tribal art from all over the state is exhibited at this complex. The display gives an insight of the rituals and customs of the tribal folk. Over five hundred variety of articles made of wood, jewelry, terracotta, tattoos, metal craft, masks and the folk and tribal paintings. Except on Mondays and Holidays as declared by Government, it is open from 12 noon up to 8 pm.

Vaman temple
Vaman temple, located to the north of the village of Khajuraho is devoted to Lord Vaman or "the dwarf lord". The beautiful lush greenery of the barley fields acts as a pretty background for the temple. The temple architecture consists of single spire 'shikhara', a sanctum, a porch, a 'maha-mandapa' with peripheral transepts and an atrium. The most marvelous characteristic of this the Shrine is that the third or top row of temple 'jangha' (wall) is framed with small openings filled with diamonds instead of sculptures.

Chaunsat Yogini
Khajuraho has an ancient mystical charm to it and the essence of this popular tourist destination is embodied in the ancient Chaunsat Yogini temple. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the temple is the oldest of the surviving temples of Khajuraho. This temple has several notable features. While most of the Khajuraho temples are made of a fine variety of buff or pink sandstone, this is the only temple at the site, which is made entirely of granite. You will find its plan simple with a quadrangular design and hardly any carvings, ornaments or other pretensions towards architectural elegance.

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