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  About Indore Sightseeing

Lalbagh Palace
The 28 hectares Lal Bagh Palace is one of the imposing testimonials of the Holkar dynasty. An expression of their culture and opulence, the ancestral palace of the great regime, Lal BaghPalace is one among the finest monuments in Indore. It is one of the grandest monuments the Holkar dynasty reflecting the taste, grandeur and lifestyle of the Holkars. It is the ancestral palace of the rulers. Many royal receptions were held here and at one time it contained one of the best rose gardens of the country. Used as a place for arranging important functions and celebrations, Lal Bagh Palace is a living monument, which gives a clear picture about the life style of the Holkans. Adorned with beautiful gardens and good quality architecture Lalbagh Palace is a magnificient memento of a rich heritage.

A remarkable mansion which sings the glory of the stunning land, Rajwada in Indore is a must see spectacle. A beautiful blend of different architectural styles, Rajwada or the old palace is a speaking edifice of a rich heritage. The 200 years old palace, with its outstanding elegance forces the tourists to hold their breath. The palace portrays three stone made lower stories, wooden upper stories, well-laid garden with fountains and an artificial waterfall. The three times burnt Rajwada palace, still holds its past grandeur and grabs large number of visitors all around the year. A tantamount of the city, Rajwada palace offers a wonderful sight that one can never forget in a lifetime.

Kanch Mandir
A temple made of mirrors, which arrests the attention of the spectator, Kanch Mandir in Indore is a flamboyant Jain Temple. Every nook and corner of this beautiful shrine is laid with glass. Also known as Seth Hukamchand Temple, Kanch Mandir exhibits an exquisite spectacle and a celebration in glass. Kanch Mandir exhibits complicated patterns of glass paintings, which are painted with utmost devotion. The paintings display unique talent and try to depict the various aspects of Jainism. The special glass chamber at the top of this remarkable shrine has a raised statue of Mahavira, which is having a multiplied effect.

Bijasen Tekri
Indore, India The small temple of Bijasen Mata is popularly known as Bijasen Tekri as it is at the top of a hill or Tekri. The panoramic view of the city that is lying below is breathtakingly beautiful. The guest house for the Holker royalty was converted as a Border Security Force Arms Museum. The lush green region that surrounds the temple is converted into beautiful gardens and a small lake.

Chhatri (Cenotaph) Bagh
Indore, India Along the banks of the Khan River in Indore are three exquisite cenotaphs of the three later Holkar rulers. These memorials in stone have pyramidal spires tapering into soaring kalashas. And are built on the cremation spot of the Holkar rulers. A common oblong prayer hall with ornately carved arches and pillars on a high platform links two Chhatris. The sanctum contains life size statues of these rulers. By night, the illuminated Chhatris glow ethereally against the ink black sky. The otherwise dry Khan River has been transformed into an artificial lake complete with a fountain, well-laid gardens on both banks and boating facility.

Bada Ganpati
Indore, India In 1875 AD, the magnificent Bada Ganpati was built during the reign of Queen Ahilya Bai Holker. It is known for housing the largest statue of Lord Ganesha which measures 8 mt. in length. The unique aspect of the statue is that it has been crafted from the mix of limestone, bricks, jaggery, mud, holy water and soil while the frame is made out of precious metals that lend an exquisite air to the statue. It is a popular pilgrimage center in Indore.

Central Musium
Rajasthan is known for its rich traditional and cultural heritage, so it should not come off as a surprise to anyone that it is the perfect place to find some of the best Museums in India. Being the land of maharajas and maharanis, the state of Rajasthan is such a rich treasure trove that one cannot help but be awe-struck at the extensive collection of antiques it holds. Jaipur, in particular, the capital of Rajasthan, has many of the Museums in the state, that house the rarities and objects of the past, that are today seen as a symbol of the rich heritage and cultural prosperity of India.

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