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About Krishna Incarnation

Shri Krishna is at the top among those who dedicated their lives to a purpose. He assumed the human form and was born on this earth to demonstrate how the life should be led in sorrows, sufferings and happiness. The Shri Krishna was the apostle of perfection, perfect to core. The life of Shri Krishna was so glorious, noble and yet selfless that one can hardly find a parallel of it in the history. Shri Krishna is described as the outstanding personality of the earth. He possesses all the characteristics of such epoch making personality. As he is complete in every aspect, he is known as 'Purna Purushotam '

Yadavas belong to Yadukul. According to Panini the great grammarian, there were two groups of Yadavas, who had republic form of government. The Andhank group was ruling in the area around Mathura. Ugrasen (grand father of Shree Krishna) was the president of the republic. The word 'king' was used with reference to Ugrasen, though Andhank was a republican form of Government. (It is to be taken for the president of a republic.)

In the same manner the other republic of the Yadavas was Vrushini republic. The contemporary leader of this republic was Akrurji. Vasudevajee belonged to Vrushini group of Yadavas. Shri Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudevajee. Both republics had a great deal to fear from aggressive imperialism of Jarasangha, whose power was spreading very fast. Jarasangha, the king of Magadh, had an ambition of bringing as many territories under his unitary rule. This was a great danger to the republican form of government.

At last Jarasangha had realized that mere aggression would not help him since every citizen of the republic was a soldier and would fight to the last drop of his blood and would not hesitate to sacrifice his life for the protection of his motherland. Hence, he decided to divide and rule.

Jarasangha, in order to create a split amongst the Yadavas, gave his two daughters Asti and Prapti in marriage to Kansa, the son of Ugrasen, who was the president of one of the two republics. Kansa was known to be inclined towards the imperial form of Government. The prestige of Kansa increased after this alliance. The entire kingdom of Magadh was at his back and call now.

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