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About Ajanta Honeymoon Tour

Ajanta For honeymooners and tourists who want to be away from the maddening crowd and enjoy the serene and wonderful company of each other, amidst an environment which take you back not by a few years but by a few centuries, AJANTA is the place to be in. if you are looking for hustle and bustle and hectic visits to various spots then you will be disappointed here. But if you are looking for a relaxed and composed visit amidst pre historic caves which leave you mesmerized with their simplicity and artistic grandeur at the same time, if you are looking to really enjoy the majestic company of each other without deadlines to follow and schedules to be adhered to, if you are more interested to enjoy your time amidst raw natural surroundings then you will have a lifetime to remember by being in this beautiful place.

The best time to visit Ajanta caves is during the monsoons when the river is swollen and the is surrounded by gushing waterfalls. The beauty of the place has to be seen to be believed. The cooler winter months- between October and February are also a good option to visit this beautiful place.

Attractions at Ajanta:
Ajanta has around 30 caves, and are sequentially numbered from one end of the gorge to another. These caves date back to about the first century BC and take you to the pre historic era and a different world altogether. The legend is that these caves house Mahayana sect of Buddhists monks who used to pray and stay there. A large number of caves have beautiful and artistic work. A number of caves also have interesting sculptures including scenes of people running to Buddha's disciple Avalokiteshvara, to escape from the eight great dangers: fire, the sword, chains (imprisonment), shipwreck, lions, snakes, rampaging elephants and the Demon of Death. Paintings and murals are also a plenty in a number of caves and are a treat to watch. Each of these caves offers something or the other to tourists. The beauty of the place lies in its simplicity and the history associated with it. No doubt you will be left wondering about the culture and civilization as it existed centuries ago. A trip to Ajanta requires good exercise - a stiff 30 minute uphill climb to the lookout from where the British party first spotted the caves. You also get a stunning view of the Waghora gorge and mountains.

How to reach Ajanta:
Ajanta is well connected by rail and road network. Ajanta is usually approached from either Aurangabad (106 km) or from Jalgaon (60 km) which are nearest rail heads. If you are taking a road route then you can take the regular bus service from Fardapur (5 km from Ajanta Caves) to Ajanta, Ellora, Aurangabad (3 hr) and Jalgaon (1 hr). Some buses also go directly from the caves to Aurangabad. A number of shared taxis ply between the caves, Fardapur and Jalgaon. Shilod is a popular halting place on the way to Ajanta.ne work, one can visit the various emporia like Meghalaya Handicrafts, Khadi Gramodyog and Purbashree

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