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About Kali Kamli Deva

The temple is dedicated to Bhadrakali. The main deity worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum is Kali, a form of 'Shakti'. As such Thanesar is known for Shaktism and tantricism. Apparently the temple might have existed in some or other form, as tantricism was in vouge in sixth and seventh century AD in Thanesar. However, the present temple is not that old. This temple on stylistic ground can be dated back to early 19th century or late 18th century. The brick used for the temple are Lakhori bricks a small sized brick used in the medieval and late medieval period. Besides, Thanesar is known in Shakta cult as the place where right ankle of Sati had fallen. Hence called the Savitri peeth.

The temple is double storied structure. Architecturally it is an off-beat style as the sanctum sanctrum and sanctum are juxtapositioned in such a way that it forms one single structure bearing composite style of domical and vaulted roofs. It has five projections on plan and four trancepted parts on its four sides having valulted roofs on their tops. The central temple is a domical roofed structure. Four small domical spires can be seen around the central domical spise.

The entrance of temple has a vaulted alcove design and on the main temple or the sanctum sanctrum has beautiful murals (wall paintings) which grace the whole interior of the chamber. The terior part of the dome contains various paintings so as the octagenal wall below the inner dome and square chamber of the sanctum sanctorum.

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