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About Dukh Bhanjan Mandir

According to a popular legend of this region there was a demon called Gayasur who used to dwell in this forest. He had vowed that he would give his three daughters in marriage to the person who could defeat him in the battle. Having learnt this news the saint Phalgu accepted the challenge and by defeating the demon Gayasur he married the three daughters. Gayasur bestowed a boon to Phalgu that the place where saint Phalgu lives will be of immense significance from the point of view of offering of 'Pinda' (food offered to the souls after death of an individual). On the day of Somavati Amavasya in the month of Sravan (August-September) falling during the Pitri Paksha or black fortnight. Somavati amavasya in pitrapaksha in the month of Sravan is a rare occasion as it comes once in every 10 or 12 years only. This is a special day for the offering of 'Pinda' to the souls for the people of northern India. Hence people from all over northern India come here to offer 'Pinda' to their forefathers. Incidentally, on this particular day no 'Pinda' is offered at Gaya, the regular, tirtha exclusively meant for 'Pind dan' where throughout the year the pinda daan is don. Therefore, Pharal has thiws special privilege on this day and treated as the Gaya of Northern India which enable the people to perform 'Pinda' daan.

Phalgu tirtha is located at Pharal, 33 km away from Kurukshetra on the Kaithal Kurukshetra road. The tirtha is named after a saint named 'Phalgu'. The place Pharal is also known as one of the seven ancient forests of Kurukshetra region. The names of the forests are Kamyak van, Aditi van, Vyasa van, Suryavan, Madhuvan, Sitvan and Phalki van or Pharal. Phalki van happens to be the prominent among the seven forests of Kurukshetra. This tirtha has been revered both in the Mahabharata and Vamana Purana. According to Mahabharata in the context of the significance various tirtha's and their merits it is mentioned that the Devins beings used to do their penance with austerity for hundreds of years at this Phalgu tirtha. Thus in their journey of pilgrimage the pilgrims are advised to visit Phalgu or Pharal.

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