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About Brahma Sarovar

Brahma Sarovar is a lovely water body where history, legends and beauty coincide with each other. As per Hindu mythology, it was from here that Lord Brahma created the mother earth. So Brahama Sarovar is often called as the cradle of Indian civilization. This lake found its mention in the 11th century book Kitab-ul-Hind written by Alberuni. Encircled by a number of holy shrines Brahma Sarovar presents an enchanting environ to the pious people. The sarovar is also mentioned in the eleventh century AD memoirs of Al Beruni.

This huge water body of 1800 meter length and 1400 meter width Braham Srovar witnesses amazing number of devotees in the Solar eclipse since it is believed that a holy dip during the eclipse will absolve all the sins. Apart from its devoutness this lake is one of the picturesque spots in the near vicinity. It wears an imposing look during the Gita Jayanti celebrations when earthen lamps would light the entire surface with its glittering beams. During November and December the lake looks astonishingly colourful with the presence of the avian flock that migrates from various parts of the world. Their twittering and chirping adds an invigorating appeal to the purity of the place.

The facts related to origin of Earth believed to be formed here as per the Puranas. Various beliefs says that this place has its own place in the world of Gods. Most of the people come from different part of world to have a holy dip in this Sarovar to get rid of all sins.This is assumed that if a person has a holy dip here on the Amawasya(The night of Complete Darkness) then his all sins are wash off. In todays era there are various development plans are going on to maintain this holy place. This place has its own dignity and is famous of its purity. Brahma Sarovar has a wide area covered and a temple in the middle of the Sarovar which reveals its beauty and sacred. While one comes to the Sarovar always feels relax and find a peace of mind as this place gives pleasant look and fresh and silent air.

Though Kurukshetra in itself has its own place in the history and hence Brahma sarovar. Well to begin with facts this is assumes the Lord Brahma created the Earth while sitting in the middle of Sarovar and a temple is built at the place now. This sacred place has its own glory while we have various festivals like Gita Jayanti, Solar and Lunar Eclipses. On every Solar eclipse there is a festival on the sores of Sarovar and Devotees comes all around the world to have a dip in holy water. This is assumed if one has a dip in this water at the time of Solar eclipse then he has blessings of having performed Ashwamedha Yagya which has its own place in the sacred civilization.

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