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About Birla House

The white, palatial house of the business dynasty, Birla, stands just a couple of kilometres from Connought Place, a well-known tourist attraction in the greenest area of Delhi. This is the place where Gandhi spent the last 144 dramatic days of his life. The museum in the building reflects his life and death.

In the park, the visitor can follow the steps of his last walk. From the door of the plain, white painted room with a glass veranda where he lived there are cement footprints across the park to where he was murdered. Here the visitors go barefoot and silent.

In the park, there are colossal trees with abundant birdlife, a sea of flowers, vast lawns, sculptures and a mural relief illustrating the history of India and the achievements of Gandhi.

Birla House or "Gandhi Smriti" is an oasis, which is run lovingly in the spirit of Gandhi. Its director, Dr Neelakanta Radhakrishnan, is one of the few genuine Gandhians in India. As the Birla House director, he is a government official, but he is also researcher, activist, writer and leader of the Japanese layman-Buddhist peace organisation Soka Gakkai. Together with his wife he manages an institute for non-violence in Kerala. He has written books on Satyagraha, non-violence actions and non-violence activists all around the world. This khadi clad nomad is always on the move, in spite of his fragile health.

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